The Leadbelly NYC

Leadbelly NYC

This past Saturday night I had the distinct pleasure of playing at one of the coolest spots in Chinatown (on the edge of the LES), The Leadbelly.  The Leadbelly is a bar restaurant with a very intimate feel.  It felt like I was playing in someone’s living room, it was that cozy.  I was in good company, as DJs like Edan (The Humble Magnificent), Monk-One, and Chances With Wolves (Of EVR fame) have all graced the decks.  Armed with a Tucker & Bloom bag of 45s, I ran through everything from jazz funk, to gritty soul and organ funk, African influenced 45s, and soul instrumentals all night.  The place was packed from start to finish, and I have to say they served me the best home made Ginger Beer I’ve ever had.  Hoping to get back to this spot again, and when I do, I will let you know.  Smallest DJ booth ever, but when you’re playing little records, it’s all relative.  Check out more info on The Leadbelly here.

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