DJ Prestige x Ace Hotel NYC Fridays In May

May 2015 Fridays Ace Hotel 2DJ Prestige (FleaMarket Funk) brings his diverse set of raw funk & soul, greasy organ jazz, quality hip hop, real reggae and plenty of drum breaks to the lobby of Ace Hotel New York on Fridays in May. His home away from home, the Ace sets are very special to him, as the listener will hear music from artists like Tim Maia, Jimmy Smith, and Jurassic 5 along side The Upsetters, library and soundtrack cuts, as well as psychedlic rock and classic rock breaks all night long. The admission is #FREE, and The Breslin serves food all night. The Breslin Burger is highly recommended! Stop by and say hello every Friday in May at this unique venue. Head nodding and yelling “Oh Shit!” when you hear a tune you like is applauded.

Keep Diggin’!


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