New Rock Mix Reaches Number 1 On Mixcloud

New Directions In SoundRecently, Prestige contributed an exclusive mix for Funky 16 Corner’s Annual Pledge Drive. A contributor for many years, he always strives to do something different. This year his contribution, New Directions In Sound, Fuzzy Rock 45s For The Whole Family reached number 1 in the Rock and Vinyl categories on Mixcloud. It was fun to put together, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well!

New Directions In Sound: A Fuzzy Rock Forty Five Mix For The Whole Family

Crazy Elephant – In the Dark Part of My Mind
Sound Syndicate – Little Girl
The Music Machine – Talk Talk
Whichwhat – Parting
The Tremelos – Instant Whip
Fumaca Preta – You, Me Libertar
Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
The Hombres – Let It Out
The First Edition – Just Dropped In
The Shadows of Knight – Oh Yeah
The Feathers – Trying To Get To You
The Monkees – (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
Terry Knight and The Pack – Numbers
The Standells – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
The Nite Liters – Set Me Free
The Rugbys – You, I
The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard
The Pyramids – Penetration
Mercy – Fireball

Stream the mix below.

Also, go over to F16 Corners and donate as well.

See the original post on Flea Market Funk.

Keep Diggin’!


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