Flea Market Funk


In 2007, DJ Prestige founded FleaMarketFunk.com to highlight the plethora of great records he was digging up on a weekly basis.  Out in the field, unearthing dusty gems and records that were left to die, his aim was to find more about each find, contact the artist, and find the true story behind each piece of vinyl.  This labor of love turned into a daily destination of diggers, DJs, vinyl enthusiasts, as well as people who live an breathe vinyl records.  Known as a taste maker and trail blazer, the site has grown to incorporate the independent funk, soul, jazz, reggae, and hip hop records that are being made today, as well as DJ and vinyl culture that goes along with it.  The Big Up  interview series features insightful interviews with not just on well known artists and DJs, but on the workingman’s disc jockeys, producers, and the like.  It’s a glimpse into their world and how they contribute to our colorful vinyl record culture.  Globally known for being ahead of the curve, Flea Market Funk is a daily niche destination of the culture.

Check out Flea Market Funk here.

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