DJ Prestige is available for music events, bringing his special blend of eclectic tunes that lends itself to everything from private parties, gallery openings, sporting events, and boutique hotels.  With over 20 years plus of experience in the music industry, Prestige is a well known and respected DJ and vinyl champion.

As well as DJing and music curation, Prestige also offers up freelance digital marketing services as well.  From guerilla marketing of small businesses pre-social media to grassroots promotions of large scale book projects and corporate record company marketing and community management, he has excelled in all areas. Holding a reputation as a leader and taste maker internationally, Prestige is known to get the job done.  A freelance writer and promoter, he puts his heart and soul into each unique opportunity, offering a best in class experience for the client.  With a penchant for graphic design and branding, his skill set straddles both the creative and business thought process when approaching each project.  Well versed in the music industry, he is available for creative projects both large and small.  Feel free to connect with opportunities.

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